November 20th, 2010


Holiday Shopping

This installment brings you sources for photos and crafts. [personal profile] pinepig is one of my favorite nature photographers, by the way.

Pinepig Studio at Cafe Press:
Pinepig at Blurb:

Spiritsdance Studio at Artfire:
Snappa at Felt (prices in NZ$):

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Thoughts on Rhyming Poetry

Recently I got into a discussion of rhyming poetry with some editor friends of mine, and I figured it was worth retouching my contributions as a blog post.  Now, some editors love rhyming poetry and others don't.  Some would happily publish it, but feel disappointed with the quality or quantity of submissions in their slush pile.  They may or not write rhyming poetry themselves or understand what makes it work (or fail).  So here are some thoughts on the topic...

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Birds at a Feeder

I love this picture found online of two birds eating.

Currently I have two suet cages hung (on office window, and post on patio), the fly-through platform feeder (visible through bathroom window), and the hopper feeder (visible through kitchen window).  I have seen mostly sparrows, some dark-eyed juncos, a few mourning doves, several cardinals, and a common flicker. 

I've also seen a squirrel, scurrying around the yard and once sitting inside the fly-through feeder.  With such a wide distance between us and other forested yards, we rarely have squirrels, although our yard is fine habitat for them.  Usually they get eaten; the predator population is sizable and diverse: foxes, coyotes, hawks, owls, snakes, all kinds of critters.  It will be interesting to see if the squirrel survives. 

I enjoy watching wildlife for the motion added to the landscape.  Also, I'm caretaking an ecosystem  here.  Without livestock, I rely on wildlife to fill most of the animal roles.  I have a honeybee tree.  I have lots of birds.  I have possums, skunks, raccoons, and other small mammals.  Apparently there's still a pretty good population of toads, thanks to an enthusiastic showing after one late-summer rain.  The detritus ecosystem is thriving and capable of colonizing new territory pretty much on a day's notice.
Origami Mage

Behold the Kirigami Mage!

djinni is made of 100% gold-plated WIN.  These two icons show the Kirigami Mage, foil of my popular Origami Mage character.  I love the little cutouts, and her hair!  These icons come from the latest Free Icon day; you can also read the original thread.

I think this one shows a younger, happier Kirigami Mage before things got really tense.

This one, with a sly expression, seems like a very apt contemporary view.

In time, I will probably write a few poems featuring the Kirigami Mage, so we can see some of what she gets up to when the Origami Mage is offstage.