October 29th, 2010


Thoughts on Roleplaying

This site explores the benefits of roleplaying, with attention to refuting its detractors. Here's a link to the infamous "Dark Dungeons" religious tract that slams gamers.  It is painfully obvious that the creators didn't know any actual gamers.  Links courtesy of my partner Doug.

Some personal examples of how roleplaying has been useful for me:

* Once upon a time, the pumphouse floor rotted out, and the very expensive pump was about to fall through.  My gaming experience led me to request a coil of rope, so that we could tie one end to the pump and anchor the other to a tree.  This kept the pump from falling down the well, until the repairmen arrived to fix the floor.

* I can sometimes acquire traits I don't possess by playing characters who do.  The little bit of good sportsmanship that I have came from a centaur archer by the name of Bayfeather.

* While I have an anti-knack for math, I have picked up some knowledge of statistics and probability, because those are inherent features of dice-based roleplaying games.  My mother actually borrowed my gaming dice once, for a teacher-level statistics class.  I think she was the only person in the class who was already familiar with the ones other than the d6.