September 24th, 2010


Thoughts on Citizenship

Apparently this post by e_moon60 is causing a lot of ruckus.  I read it, and I agree with some parts but not others.  I'm disappointed that so many people think it's a good idea to respond with a dogpile.  So:

1) Please remember that free speech includes freedom of speech that you disagree with.
2) Part of maturity includes disagreeing in a sane and rational manner, not screaming that so-and-so is a horrible person because they had an idea you disagree with.
3) That responsibility part?  Pretty good.  That assimilation part?  Only about half sensible.  If immigrants don't assimilate at all, or assimilate totally, you might as well not bother having immigrants at all.  Your settlement is either a jumble of unrelated parts, or homogenized to slush.  You need diversity for the parallax of different ideas, which is valuable in problem-solving and creativity and other pursuits.
4) The fact that I don't agree with everything in the post doesn't make me hate e_moon60, or think that she's stupid, or never want to pick up her books or see her at a con.  I would probably have enjoyed the "Politics in SF" panel.  And I'd die of boredome if everybody had only the same ideas.


Harlan Ellison

... says farewell

I think ...

1) He could well be right and honest, and drop dead shortly after the con.  Or during.
2) He could still be alive a decade from now.
3) Meanwhile, angels light and dark are frantically trying to weld shut the pearly and iron gates, because, y'know, it's Harlan.
4) Meanwhile, the Great Con in the Sky is abuzz with excitement, because, y'know, it's Harlan.
5) I've met the man.  He is unique.  He makes me  look nearly normal.  No one else in the future of the human race will ever be able to fill the shoes he will leave behind, whenever he leaves.  And only a complete idiot would even try.