August 29th, 2010


Reclaiming Civil Rights

siege has an apt essay on Glenn Beck's crusade to reclaim civil rights.  I note that this crusade comes from someone who is actually engaged in reducing civil rights. 

Let's be clear: Civil rights are for everyone.  If anyone's civil rights are infringed, that threatens your civil rights too -- because tomorrow you might belong to some category that is suddenly fashionable to abuse.  Sometimes when people get stomped on enough, their civic awareness gets damaged to the point that they just start hating everyone who seems to be a successful member of society.  So even if you think you're on the top of the heap, that kind of makes you a big fat target.  Furthermore, mistreating people is destructive to the oppressors as well as to the victims; it's an unhealthy practice.  A society with generous civil rights is a saner, safer place for everyone.