August 28th, 2010


Writing Exercise: Extrasolar Planets

Today's exercise is short and snappy, so I posted it first on my fan page at Facebook.

NASA offers a page tracking the discovery of planets in other solar systems. These are all-new settings for science fiction. If you follow this topic -- there's even a desktop widget you can download -- then you'll have a periodic trickle of new inspiration. For each new planet, figure out what kind of story would suit it, and write that. You can start with any of the current ones, though. There are images too, if you like visual prompts.

The Atmosphere of Mars

I enjoyed this article ...

Tracing the Big Picture of Mars' Atmosphere

One of the instruments on a 2016 mission to orbit Mars will provide daily
maps of global, pole-to-pole, vertical distributions of the temperature,
dust, water vapor and ice clouds in the Martian atmosphere.

The joint European-American mission, ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, will seek
faint gaseous clues about possible life on Mars. This instrument, called the
ExoMars Climate Sounder, will supply crucial context with its daily
profiling of the atmosphere's changing structure.
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