August 10th, 2010


Pimp a Friend: moosl

Today is Pimp-A-Friend day. LiveJournal is a wonderful place to connect with interesting people. Feature one of your Friends, with a brief description of what makes their journal worth reading, and share the joy. Readers are encouraged to visit the featured journal and/or reply to this message with recommendations of their favorite Friends.

moosl is someone I know both online and facetime.  He is sweet and funny, and quite a talented photographer.  Much of his LJ focuses on pictures and humor, some personal but much of it sifted out of the web.  If you have an offbeat sense of humor, it's well worth a look.

Politics and Insanity

Sometimes people make me want to beat them over the head with a Logic textbook.  I mean, really ...

"Is Political Conservatism a Mild Form of Insanity?"

No, it is not.  Being conservative doesn't make you crazy.  We need conservatives in politics for the same reason a car needs brakes.  Their attention to tradition, and their instinct to look before they leap, are there to keep us from rushing blindly into stupid mistakes.

Being a liberal doesn't make you crazy either.  We need liberals for the same reason a car needs gas.  Their motivation and exploration allow us to go new places, because sometimes the old places aren't right for us anymore.

It is unfortunate and destructive that some radicals are masquerading as conservatives, while not adhering to actual conservative ideals; and that some are masquerading as liberals while not adhering to those ideals either.  They are crowding out some of the more sensible people, which is causing problems.  For instance, previously we talked about a Republican who lost an election because his constituents were allergic to facts and he refused to compromise his morals by pandering to them.  And there are still buffoons trying to oust Obama for not being born in America ... because they don't acknowledge Hawaii as part of America.  I am not at all happy with American politics right now.  A lot of the ideas  buzzing around are crazy.  The people?  Well, an alarming portion of Americans are suffering from depression, anxiety, or other mental problems so that probably laps over into the politicians.  But I'm disinclined to classify people as insane just because they belong to a particular political movement.

*headdesk*  I would be deliriously pleased if people could stop insulting each other for five minutes and actually talk about solving problems.