July 3rd, 2010

moment of silence, candle

Lost Due to Gulf Oil Slick

Louisiana residents build a graveyard for what they'll miss.

*moment of silence*

When I was a girl, my parents took me on some long vacations, and we went to New Orleans.  The smell of the ocean was everywhere in the city -- salt and fish and weeds, and the smoke of restaurants cooking seafood, and the creole spices.  The New Orleans I visited is long gone, but I remember it.

If you live on the Gulf coast, or visit there ... what will you miss?

BP Media Blackout

BP Blocks Reporters

When a company tries to hide from the public, assume the worst -- that they are spreading toxins, injuring or killing people, fucking up royally, and generally trying to screw you to the wall.  Then sue them and swarm them with reporters and activists until they buckle.  Bludgeon them with the First Amendment until they scream for mercy.

Saturday Writing Exercise: Eating Weirdness

For today's writing exercise, start by browsing these articles about eating weirdness:
"Half-Eaten Dwarf Planet Reveals Chemical Secrets"
"Animals Eat Weird Things"
"7 Foods Served While the Animal Is Alive"

Pick one.  It's the equivalent of "American as apple pie" for character race #1.  You couldn't get it away from them with crowbar.

Character race #2 finds this abhorrent.

They're seated together at a banquet where everyone has a menu appropriate to their own race.  Your assignment is to ...

... try and top the dinner scene in A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold, if you've read it.  If not, just create as much mayhem as you can.