June 11th, 2010


Time Travel and Language

I was amused by this post about time travel and language evolution.  I thought you might enjoy my reply.

"What impact, if any do you think time travel would have on the grammar of a language? I was wondering if it would change how we use tenses."

It would change tenses, yes. It would also hash the evolutionary curve, because you'd have people traveling to different times and picking up not just new words, but the contraptions of grammar that go with the new words.

Traveler A: "So you got two gleebos..."
Traveler B: "No, I got two gleebosh. The plural of gleebo is gleebosh."
Traveler A: "Why?"
Traveler B: "I dunno."
Traveler C: "Oh, it's like droga and drogash."
Traveler A: "When were you, anyway?"
Traveler B: "I dunno, I waselfar drunk."

Bouncing Water

It rained today.  Half an hour later, the patio was mostly dry again.  More clouds formed, more rain poured down.  The patio is almost dry again.  The water is ... bouncing.  Grass practices its evil laugh as it grows madly, mocking the poor lawn mower.

And of course, we have no air conditioning.  Our heating/cooling system has been broken for a couple months now.  The latest part is now on backorder due to the heat wave.  It might arrive next week, or not.  ** SULK **