May 12th, 2010


Cooking Off the Humans

This article caught my eye, pointing out that humans have a maximum heat/humidity tolerance beyond which they cannot survive -- and climate predictions place parts of the Earth well beyond that, possibly as early as 2100 and considerably more by 2300.  What's more alarming is we share that threshold with other mammals.  Some birds might survive a higher threshold; maybe some reptiles and insects.  But there would still be massive dieoffs of wildlife due to heatstroke. 

Note that part of this isn't an "opinion" open to "interpretation" -- when lifeforms overheat, they die, period.  If the Earth gets hotter than its fauna can tolerate, they migrate or they die.  We're headed in a hotwards direction, we've cut the migration routes for many animals, and we're bad at sharing with each other.  This is not a safe or comfortable place to be.  We should really, really exert effort towards changing direction.

Poem: "Beginnings into Endings"

This poem came out of the May 11, 2010 Poetry Fishbowl.  It was prompted and sponsored by minor_architect.

Beginnings into Endings

Begin as you mean to go on,
because once you start,
if you don't stop along the way,
you will get to where you're going.

Understand that the end
does not justify the means.
Instead, the means
determine the end.

Realize that what you put into the world
is what you will get out of it.
A rock will not leap up and hit you
unless you first throw it into the sky.

What you sow is what you will reap.
An acorn can only grow into an oak,
and an oak can only grow from an acorn.
Until you plant the seed, nothing can happen.

What does the world owe you?
A place to stand.
An opportunity to learn.
Here you are.  There it is.

What do you owe the world?
Your attention.
Your care.
There it is.  Here you are.

A trophy without triumph is just a knick-knack.
Only that which is earned has meaning.
Do not seek entitlement,
but rather enlightenment.


Muses, Start Your Engines!

The Torn World Muse Fusion is now open over on [info]torn_world.  You can read more about Torn World on the main site.  Today we are seeking prompts to inspire art, fiction, poetry -- whatever you would like to see.  Everyone is eligible to make prompts.  Please leave your prompts as comments to the Muse Fusion post.

I plan to write poetry; I'm open to the possibility of flash fiction if a prompt inspires me in that direction.  So far I own the characters Fala (Northern), Karavai (Northern), Tekura (Northern), Rai (Southern), and Alko (Southern) and I can write about others if I get permission.  Today is for brainstorming and creativity; materials will be reviewed for canon consideration, and possibly revised, after the Muse Fusion.  

I plan to make at least one piece visible to the public on the Torn World site.  The rest will be visible only to Torn World supporters unless they get sponsored.  You have THREE options for sponsoring my work and revealing it to the public:

1) If you are not a registered Torn World member, you can pay in cash via check or PayPal button.

2) If you are a registered Torn World member, you can give me Karma points.

3) If you are a Torn World supporter, you can give me Credits.

Since Torn World publications are open to crowdfunding at any time, they may continue to earn me money.  Therefore I'm setting my Muse Fusion prices somewhat lower than for my Poetry Fishbowl prices.  For poetry:

0-10 lines: $3 OR 3 Torn World Credits OR 10 Torn World Karma
11-25 lines: $6 OR 6 Torn World Credits OR 20 Torn World Karma 
26-40 lines: $9 OR 9 Torn World Credits OR 30 Torn World Karma
41-60 lines: $12 OR 12 Torn World Credits OR 40 Torn World Karma
Poems over 60 lines, or with very intricate structure, fall into custom pricing.  

If I write any flash fiction, I'll figure out its pricing then. Stories go for cash or Credits, not Karma.

So far I have ...

From the "true love" prompt I got "Owlheart," in which Tekura struggles with his desire for a long-term, romantic relationship in a culture that has little concept of monogamy; he tries to explain what he needs to his friends.
2,311 words, Buy It Now = $20

From "parasites" I got the poem "At the Gate," which is a couplet-rhymed jingle about the importance of customs inspections. It's cute for propaganda.
This will be today's freebie.

From "strange accessories" I got "The Gaudy Eye," a story told in separate scenes about a feathered pin as it is created, sold, passed around -- and finally winds up as a historical curiosity related to the gender activist Yoilosh.
903 words, Buy It Now = $10

From "useful/edible plants" I got "The Flower Chant," a Northern poem that describes plants and their uses.
20 lines, Buy It Now = $6 OR 6 TW Credits OR 20 TW Karma SPONSORED by marina_bonomi

From "Father's Day" I got the Southern story "The Acorn Coat," a fable about a bear family that needs to fatten up for winter. It includes a cultural note that this fable inspired Acorn Day as a celebration of fatherhood, and the traditional coat with acorn buttons.
498 words, Buy It Now = $7

From the "tokens" prompt I got the story "Tokens of Appreciation," in which Rai helps a child pick out a gift for a grandmother who is going blind.
739 words, Buy It Now = $10

From "pet breeder (Nleimen)" I got 4000+ words into an epistolary story about the establishment of the squiggle mouse. It's not finished, but the hour is late and I'm tired. I'll try to finish this another day.

I am SO done for the night.