April 29th, 2010


QR Codes for Hardlink Promotion (and a Scifaiku)

siege tipped me to QR codes, designs that can be scanned by a cellphone camera to bring up a website.  There is an online generator for making your own QR.  This is one type of hardlink, a physical world hyperlink.

I immediately thought it would be cool to use this as a temporary tattoo. Turns out there are companies that sell printer paper for this purpose, so it should be possible to print a QR code on that and transfer it to skin. Point your cellphone camera at the body art and presto! Website!

Then I thought of a scifaiku to go with the image.  I made a QR for the Poetry Fishbowl Landing Page, but I just could not get the stupid thing to load with this post.  Well, here is the poem anyhow:

Aim your camera here.
Wow, this used to be SF!
I love the future.

Chesapeake Bay Is Improving

Sometimes our efforts to restore the environment pay off.

Chesapeake Bay Grasses Increase 12%, Pollution Controls are Working

A partnership of states and agencies trying to restore the health of the Chesapeake Bay said that bay grasses increased 12 percent last year, a sign that pollution control efforts are working. The total area of underwater bay grasses was the highest baywide acreage since 2002.


New Plantings

I've gotten a few things planted, but today's wind is flogging the daylights out of my plants.  I did manage to snap a few photos...

This is the newly planted Goddess Garden, with the statue returned to the center (it has to come indoors for winter) and the ring of moss roses set out.  The long green leaves are the snow crocus, which will soon wither away.

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