April 12th, 2010


Monday Update

There were lots of Poetry Fishbowl wrap-up posts toward the end of the week, including:
"Donor Perk-Post: Ballads and Double-Ballads" (visible if you've donated in the last 2 months)
"Discussing the Origami Mage"
"Poetry Fishbowl Report"
"List of Unsold Poems"

Several people are expressing interest in a collection of poems about the origami mage who has appeared in two poems so far.  Line art and photographs of origami have been suggested as illustrations.  I'm open to the possibility.  First, I'd need to write a lot more poems about this character and her world, related schools (a kirigami rival has already appeared), and so forth.  I'd also need to figure out a format, or formats -- ebook, cheap plain chapbook, expensive handmade unique artbook, etc.  Let's keep talking.

Torn World news includes:
You can now vote for Torn World on Top Web Fiction.
Verb voices are covered.

I had some good photography sessions outside:
"Photography: Leaflets"
"Photography: Today's Flowers"

Some interesting discussions about reading/writing:
"Electronic Review Copies"
"Your Take on Titles"
"Magazines that don't exist"
"Jane Yolen on Writing"
"Do protagonists have to be smart?"


Leadership and Followship

I'm working on an article about leadership and followship for Communities  magazine.  They like personal perspectives.  I've already included some of my experiences.  I could use some other examples of people's positive experiences with leading, following, or with teaching either set of skills in a community context.  Thing is, examples need to be concise  because I've got a big topic and not a lot of extra room.  If you've got something to share, please also let me know how you'd like to be named if I quote you.  Thanks!

We're Being Robbed

If you are not in the top 1% of Americans, then rich people have been stealing wealth from you and putting it in their own pockets.  That top 1% now controls a huge chunk of the wealth and power.  The next few percent take most of the rest, leaving the bottom half of Americans with almost nothing.  Small wonder the economy is crashing; people don't have enough to live on.  Here are 15 charts detailing these problems.

Torn World Muse Fusion Tomorrow

There will be a Torn World Muse Fusion activity running most of the day on Tuesday.  Give us prompts and we will produce fiction, poetry, art, and other goodies.  Muse Fusion signup is on torn_world.

I still have 3 pieces from last month's TWMF in the canon approval process.  I hope to get more.  Latest TWMF poem posted: "Three Red Feathers"  Latest TWMF story posted: "Pickled"

Pimp-a-Friend: miintikwa

Today is Pimp-A-Friend day. LiveJournal is a wonderful place to connect with interesting people. Feature one of your Friends, with a brief description of what makes their journal worth reading, and share the joy. Readers are encouraged to visit the featured journal and/or reply to this message with recommendations of their favorite Friends.

miintikwa is a writer and reader of fiction. She also holds a One Card Draw with Tarot once a month, and talks about divination in general. (Some of you may know her from her activities in my Poetry Fishbowls too.) Drop by her LJ and see what you think.