March 31st, 2010


New Tweetzine: Microcosms

The new tweetzine Microcosms will launch tomorrow, April 1.  It features short-short speculative poetry.  I've already sold several pomes to this market, so you can watch for them to appear.  Here's a note from the editor:

My spec poetry Twitterzine microcosms debuts on Thurs. April 1st. If you have an interest is haiku-length spec poetry please follow. If you don't have a Twitter account, it's both free and easy to sign up. The link to microcosms is:


Stephen M. Wilson


Eee, squee!  Honeybee!

stonetalker gave me one of beetiger's honeybee pendants for my birthday -- hexagon backed with white felt, one of those I'd been ogling most avidly.  *happydance*  I am thinking about how I want to dress it up, and whether I want it to be wearable or something to hang in the faerie window. 

I think it's really cool when people turn to crowdfunded or craft sites for gift shopping.  There are some other bee pieces and other goodies left if you want something similar.