March 30th, 2010


A Pathetic Law

No sitting on sidewalks.  Great, if you feel dizzy or sick, you can't sit down.  If your shoe comes undone, you can't sit to tie it.  If your toddler crashes, you can't sit to deal with the owie.  I'm sure somebody thinks this is a dandy way to shoo away homeless people, or whatever, but it's going to cause a lot more hassle than it is worth.  The loss of freedom in America is appalling.

Here's an idea: don't visit those cities. And tell them why.

Taking a Stand to Keep Sitting Legal
Randall Amster J.D., Ph.D., Truthout: "San Francisco is poised to become the latest in a string of cities to adopt a law making it a crime to sit on the sidewalk. While it is the case that some of these other cities are known as being among the more liberal in the nation (e.g., Portland, Seattle, Boulder, Austin), no city with such a deep progressive history has sought to impose anything like a citywide ban on sitting such as is being proposed for San Francisco."

Poetry Fishbowl on Tuesday, April 6

This is an advance announcement for the April 6, 2010 Poetry Fishbowl. This time the theme will be "high fantasy." (Any version of HF is eligible, including "set in another world" or "epic and heroic.")  I'll be soliciting ideas for heroes, heras, heroines, heronets,* villains dire, comic relief sidekicks, phantasmagoric creatures, magical artifacts, fantasy weapons or tools, whole new ways to destroy the world, diabolical plots, endangered monarchies, epic plot twists, world themes, enchanted locations, and poetic forms in particular. (Hero = male lead, Hera = female lead, Heroine = female love-interest, Heronet = male love-interest.  Queerly sexed or gendered leads and interests are also welcome.)
If you're interested, mark the date on your calendar, and please hold actual prompts until the "Poetry Fishbowl Open" post next week. Meanwhile, if you want to help with promotion, please feel free to link back here or repost this on your blog.

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