March 29th, 2010


Haitian News

With the wet season beginning, Haiti is in poor shape.  More people will die if they don't get protection from the weather, including hurricanes.  The article misses two points, though: 1) U.S. is not the only possible source of aid.  Let some other countries pitch in also.  2) Haiti needs to become self-sufficient, not try to subsist on aid forever.  It hasn't actually been a functioning country before any of the assorted disasters (natural or political) that have hit it.
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Monday Updates

A recent post, "Thoughts on High-Fructose Corn Syrup," is up to 85 comments.  Wow!  Thanks to everyone who has chimed in on this discussion.  It has been very interesting and well-mannered.  I have some ideas for making my own vanilla extract now, in case the few remaining HFCS-free versions disappear.

Several folks have asked me if I have a website for my editing/writing/etc. work, with prices for common services.  So I created a "Hire Me" page over on Hypatia's Hoard of Reviews, with sub-pages for FAQ, Pricing, Services, and Terms of Service.  If you're in need of an editor, a writer, or someone otherwise good at turning words and language into tools or toys, please drop by and take a look.

The epic in progress, "A Periodic Table of Elementals," gained some new verses last week.  Carbon and Nitrogen are now up, thanks to jenny_evergreen.  Based on current sponsorship, I have three more verses to write and post before I'm caught up.

Other posts you might want to backtrack and read, if you missed them earlier:
"Photography: Whiskers and Moss" -- pictures of a kitten, moss, bird's nest, and a dead flower; more available for crowfunding.
"Torn Tongue Verbs: Tense" -- rules for tense markers, and more vocabulary.
"Feeding Your Bugs" -- link to a discussion of bugs in healthy gardens.

100 Bits of Inspiration

I stumbled across the "100 situations" phenomenon recently.  The original idea was to pick a bunch of characters and run them through fanfic across the whole table.  I prefer to use the tables as random-idea generators; i.e. roll 1d100 several times and combine the results into a story or poem.

100_situations has five table promptsfanfic100 has one in its profile.

Does anyone else know more of these?  I would love to find a community that posts new tables regularly, or even just a list of more tables to explore. 

I'm also toying with the idea of making some genre-based tables of my own.  Does that appeal to anyone else?