March 23rd, 2010


The Late Lamented Culture

This article gives an interesting description of the loss of cultural material, but misses the point about why such losses are troublesome: if you ever fall off the ladder you're on, you'll never climb back up it if all the bottom rungs are gone.

The Late Lamented Culture
Mario Roy, La Presse: "Handwriting disappears. Reading, classical music, and the theater are abandoned. French is rejected in favor of English in popular culture. Comedians make do virtually alone on the podium of artistic popularity. The  company of video games little by little robs teenagers of all their free time ...
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If it's a foregone conclusion...

... then it's not an election, it's a charade.

Ignore Your Local Pundit
Robert Goldsmith, Truthout: "That the Democratic Party will lose seats in the Senate and the House is now received wisdom across the political spectrum. Forget received. It's been filed, stamped, indexed and displayed."