March 22nd, 2010


Women in America

... get treated as second-class citizens in a lot of ways.  It's a bunch of atavistic nonsense that ruins a lot of lives.

Military Sexual Assault Reports Rose 11 Percent in 2009
Nancy A. Youssef, McClatchy Newspapers: "The number of sexual assaults reported in the US military rose 11 percent last year, the Defense Department said Tuesday, but Pentagon officials conceded that they still don't know how common sexual assaults are because many troops fear retribution if the attacks come to the attention of their commanders."

Stop Mistreating Working Women!
Dick Meister, Truthout: "Although the global recession has had a serious impact on working men and women alike, two new reports make clear that women in the United States and throughout the world have suffered most because of long-standing discrimination."


Monday Update

Here are some of my posts from later in the week that you might have missed:

"Celebrate World Poetry Day"
"Recipe: Herbal Roast Goose"
"Ostara Pictures"
"Sponsored Photos: More Flowers"
"Photography: Spring Flowers"

Of those, the photography posts introduce a new crowdfunding option -- when I'm posting photos, sometimes I'll offer to post extras if people want to fund them, the way some artists offer extra sketches for crowdfunding.  Everybody seemed to agree that the crocus closeups were the most appealing.  I love my flowers!  Feedback is welcome, so if you let me know what you like, that will improve my ability to deliver stuff we'll both enjoy.

Also on offer is the epic in progress, "A Periodic Table of Elementals."  Sponsors are currently ahead of me on that one, whee!  With Ostara out of the way, I hope to have time to write more verses this week.  You can read the current ones, and see who's sponsored which elements, at:
"Poem: A Periodic Table of Elementals"

New Poem and Character in Torn World

Today I have two new things posted in Torn World:

"In Willow's Arms" is a poem from the March 16 Muse Fusion.  It was inspired and prompted by allykat.
A poem about why Willow is associated with death in Northern lore.

Tosh is a new character that I designed, available for adoption.  I hope someone picks him up!  He has lots of potential.
Tosh is a horse farmer working on a family farm that he will someday inherit. He is particularly interested in unusual "square-paint" horses. He hopes to find a wife soon.

Personal Meme: Part of Speech

I was amused by this BlogThings quiz about what part of speech you are.

You Are a Noun

You are very concerned with the material world and what is actual.
Facts interest you, and it's likely that you keep up with the latest news.

You do well with ideas and concepts you can actually see. You are a very visual person.
You are the type who knows every person and place in town. You're very well informed.