March 17th, 2010


Cleaning the Gardens

Today I raked the leaves of the cistern garden, which is one of my herb gardens, a good-sized square.  Already sprouting are spearmint, catnip, motherwort, chives, garlic chives, and comfrey.  I was surprised to see that some of the orange mint also survived the winter -- fancy mints tend to be delicate, so usually perform as annuals.  I think the sweet woodruff may actually have survived also.  The rhubarb hasn't leafed out yet, though.

Masses of yellow and purple giant crocuses are blooming in the little rain garden, and the columbine is well up also.  Several yellow and cream snow crocuses are blooming in the goddess garden.  The daffodils and tulips near the driveway are leafed out but not blooming yet; the giant crocuses there are blooming purple, yellow, and purple-and-white striped.  Honeybees are busy in the flowers; I checked out the bee tree and indeed the girls are to-ing and fro-ing with great enthusiasm.  If I have some time on a pretty day, I'll try to snap some pictures.

If anyone local wants some starts of herbs or other plants, let me know.  This is the season when nurseries start shipping the dormant stuff, so if you want a tree seedling or some raspberries now is a good time for that.  Herbs I usually transplant later in spring, although I could dig some up and pot them for indoor care.

Hard Things

Sometimes it helps to talk out the things you want to do and the projects you want to work on, and get cheers for stuff you've finished.

  • What are some of your upcoming plans and goals? 
  • Are any of them things you'll need help with, and if so, what kind of help? 
  • What are some plans/goals that you have recently completed? 

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