March 15th, 2010


The Wordsmith's Birthday...

... is coming up on April 1.  I have updated my Amazon Books wishlist.  (You can also find it by searching for Elizabeth Barrette.  There are apparently two listings; mine is the central Illinois one.)  A more diverse set of ideas appears in my holiday wishlist, also updated.  This notice is only for people who approve of posting wishlists online or are already planning to shop for me and want ideas.  If that's not you, just shake hands with Mr. Delete Key and move along.

This week on Hypatia's Hoard of Reviews


Torn World Muse Fusion Tomorrow!

The second Torn World Muse Fusion will be held tomorrow, Tuesday March 16.  Everyone is welcome to post prompts as comments to the "go" post when that appears; Torn World contributors may sign up (using comments to the announcement post) as writer/artist participants.  I plan to participate by posting prompts and by writing poetry and/or fiction.  This is a crowdfunded project and various options for sponsoring items will be available.  Further details appear in the announcement post on torn_world and the summary post on freestuffday

I hope to see you there!  Last month's Muse Fusion was an enthusiastic success.  We look forward to doing that again.