January 22nd, 2010


In Which the Government Is Full of Yet More Fail

Today's shipment of failmantium from D.C. included...

Another example of putting corporations ahead of actual human beings, this time allowing them much greater financial influence over our elections.  If America wasn't an auction before, it is now.  Complain hereAnd here.

Another attempt to make damn sure that nobody in America does anything effective about controlling greenhouse gases. Complain here

More spineless waffling over health care may result in a smaller health bill.  Wow, that thing is shrinking faster than an ice cap.  Nag here.

How Some Companies Prey on the Poor

Here is a very clear illustration of three usurious business practices: payday loans, credit cards, and rent-to-own.  (If the graphic shows up small on your screen, click to enlarge it.)  Note that they are all designed to create ballooning debt, whereby the company profits at the direct expense of the client. 

Further consider that each individual's debt tends to impact many other people, particularly children and other family members, but also anyone else that person has to buy goods or services from, and their bank, and so on -- all inconvenienced or harmed.  Such companies are able to exist and find a steady source of prey because our society is designed to wring money out of people whether they have it or not.  When they don't -- say, because they are unemployed, and need money to live and a job to have money, but are guaranteed neither; or are hit with bills for medical care, also not guaranteed -- then they hunt around for ways to get money quickly, most of which are abusive or illegal.  Because the system is designed to create and bloat debt, there is a never-ending stream of problems and misery coming out of it.

Which are blamed on the "deadbeat."  Who has little or no stake in a system designed and run by and for people with a great deal more money and power.  And then America sits back and wonders why the economy is in terrible shape.