January 13th, 2010


Poem: "Radiant Matter"

This poem came out of the Tuesday, January 5 Poetry Fishbowl.  It was inspired by prompts from ellenmillion and wyld_dandelyon.  It was selected in the generally sponsored poetry poll.

Radiant Matter
-- a sonnet

The first robots were made of solids,
Assembled from silicon and brass.
Later came robots made of liquid
And, finally, from ionized gas.

The plasma robots were beautiful --
The charge that powered them made them glow.
Their layers, like the wings of angels,
Were countless as they waved to and fro.

Who could have imagined such wonders
From the first feeble clanking of gears?
Not even the chembots could augur
What touched our sense of awe, not our fears.

The aurabots were kindled, not cast ...
We'll use them for better things, at last.


Poem: "The Hourglass of Infinity"

This poem came out of the January 5, 2010 Poetry Fishbowl.  It was inspired by a prompt from jenny_evergreen.  It was selected in the generally sponsored poetry poll.

The Hourglass of Infinity

In the beginning, the cosmos quickened:
there was the light
and a wave moving swiftly over the face of the deep.

the universe invented itself
in every possible way,
refracted and reflected and refined
until it took on the shape we know.

Cosmic strings
form the web through which
all things are connected.

Quantum physics
is where the alpha meets the omega,
where science and mysticism
kiss and make up.

Quantum gravity
is where the universe
folds and unfolds itself,
revealing manifold mysteries.

From one force,
many manifestations;
from many paths,
one universe;
an hourglass
of infinity.

We are grains of sand
forever falling
from was
into will be
and when we have learned
how to map the sand and the hours and the glass
then we will know how the universe was made.

We will stir waves upon the deep,
and think thoughts of gravity.
We will take up the pages of manifold time
and fold a thousand cranes.


Poem: "Those Who Were Made"

This poem came out of the Tuesday, January 5 Poetry Fishbowl.  It was inspired by a prompt from kestrels_nest.  It was selected in the generally sponsored poetry poll.

Those Who Were Made

Those who came first
Became those who made.

Those who were made
Served their makers well,
But in time, the makers faded away,
And those who were made got lost.

Then they, too,
Became makers in their turn.

The world that they made
Was green and beautiful.
On this world, life flourished
As the new makers designed it,
But the eyes that were made
Were too large to see their makers
And the minds that were made
Were too young to understand.

Time passed,
For the dance of electrons
And the dance of stars
Are never still.

Those who were made
Began to build.
Those who made
Looked on and rejoiced.

Then one day,
Those who were made
Built an electron microscope
And those who made
Gathered in great crowds
To dance out the words



Divorce Rates and Gay Marriage

Here is an interesting article about the statistics of divorce state by state, with attention to which states have officially banned gay marriage.  The states banning gay marriage have, on average, seen an increase in divorce rates.  States with more liberal policies regarding gay marriage have, on average, seen a decrease in divorce rates.  As the author explains, this does not necessarily mean a causal relationship, but it is worthy of further study.

My suspicion is simply that people who believe in family and community are more likely to vote that everyone should be able to enjoy the right to marry -- and that people who attack other people's families are less likely to have personalities conducive to domestic bliss.  Tolerance is a very valuable marital trait, and if it's not practiced outside the home, it probably isn't practiced inside either.

I am concerned about the breakdown of family ties.  I see more and more young people not bothering to get married.  They procreate and go their separate ways as a single parent and an uninvolved or minimally involved parent.  The nuclear family is fragmenting down to one or two people.  So if some folks want to buck that trend and get married, actually make a long-term commitment and work to keep it, I say more power to them.  Maybe the gays and lesbians, who have fought so hard for the simple recognition of their love, will remind the heterosexuals that love is worth fighting for and marriage is work.

EDIT 1/13/10: Also worth reading is this essay, "The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage" ...

Hard Things

Sometimes it helps to talk out the things you want to do and the projects you want to work on, and get cheers for stuff you've finished.

  • What are some of your upcoming plans and goals?
  • Are any of them things you'll need help with, and if so, what kind of help?
  • What are some plans/goals that you have recently completed?