December 31st, 2009


Almost Done...

... with a reversible vest that I'm making for Doug as a birthday present.  This morning it was barely started -- the pieces cut out and the first line or two of stitching done.  Now it is all done except for cutting holes for grommets and whacking those into place, and getting a lace for the front.  Yay, yay!  That's how fast I am with hand sewing.  It can sit on the coffee table for a week or few, but once I sit down to talk with people for several hours, the seams tend to fly. 
Crowdfunding butterfly ship

Help Me Launch a Crowdfunding Award

Over on crowdfunding I have started a discussion about establishing an award for cyberfunded creativity.  I'm willing to do much of the work to make this happen, but I would prefer not to handle categories where I've been active myself, so I'm looking for at least one other person to help make this happen.  We're also talking about various features of the award and its process.  If you are interested in crowdfunding, please drop by and share your thoughts!