December 28th, 2009


This is why...

... governments need supervision from the citizens of their nation.  Because if you give people power without holding them responsible for what they do, they tend to do evil.  Any time people can "disappear" in a justice system without requirement for proof that they committed a crime, that's a very bad warning sign.  It leads to places like this.

Argentina's "Disappeared:" Justice At Last or Reneging on Amnesty?
Sam Ferguson, The Christian Science Monitor: "Just outside Buenos Aires, in the depths of the Rio de la Plata and the South Atlantic, lie the remains of thousands of bodies. A generation ago, officials from Argentina's Naval Mechanics School, known by its Spanish acronym, ESMA, secretly loaded drugged prisoners into aircraft and threw them out over the brown and frigid waters. As many as 5,000 people were 'disappeared' at the hands of ESMA, perhaps the most horrifying symbol of South American repression in the 1970s."

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Opportunity for Excerpts

I've been posting excerpts of various crowdfunded projects over on Hypatia's Hoard of Reviews.  So far, these have been novels, online serials, short story series, or other fiction projects.  I'm open to the idea of covering poetry, artwork, music, or other types of cyberfunded creativity.  The main consideration is that they need to be ongoing projects rather than one-day events.  (I post about one-day events too, sometimes, just not in the same way.)  I've already gone through the community's sidebar guide to projects, issuing invitations to the authors of the projects that seem to be active currently. 

If you're doing cyberfunded creativity and I haven't approached you yet, now is a good time to talk with me about doing an excerpt.  For this I need:

* The project title
* The author's name
* The URL of the website(s) where you want linkage to direct readers
* A brief description of the project and what makes it cool
* An excerpt (maybe 250-500 words, but that's flexible)