December 26th, 2009


Another reason...

EDIT 12/26/09: It didn't take long for this to be rescinded:
I am pleasantly surprised.

... for people to avoid serving in the military.  Gee, if the brass work a little harder, they could totally depopulate what's left of our armed forces.

Yana Kunichoff | Women Soldiers in Iraq Who Become Pregnant Face Court-Martial
Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: "Under a controversial new Army policy, female soldiers serving in northern Iraq may face a court-martial and possible jail time if they become pregnant and male soldiers and civilians employed by the Army who impregnate the women may also be charged with crimes."
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Holiday Lights

Shortly we'll be heading out for pizza with some relatives.  We're all going to a local park that puts up a big display of holiday decorations, so we can take pictures of the lights.  I don't know if I'll wind up with the good camera in my hands.  (I do know that my cheap camera won't take pictures in the dark, regardless of what it's pointed at.)  But it will be fun to see the results.