December 14th, 2009


Don't Nuke the Climate

I like their slogan.  It neatly conveys the idea that nuclear power is not in any way Earth-friendly.

Nuclear Power Protested from Copenhagen to Washington
Sue Sturgis, Facing South: "At the U.N. Climate Summit in Copenhagen yesterday, members of environmental groups that are part of the international Don't Nuke the Climate campaign placed a radiation-protection mask on the city's iconic Little Mermaid statue."

2009 Holiday Poetry Sale Report

The 2009 Holiday Poetry Sale concluded yesterday.  I posted a total of seven poems as part of this project, which you can read here:

"Sail With Me, Lady Washington"
"The Secret of Gobekli Tepe"
"Skydiving Through Time"
"The Stars Must Be Crazy"
"The Sword from the Foundling House"
"Warning Sine"

The idea of doing a holiday sale for poetry came from my partner Doug, and I'm pleased to call it a success.  Several of these poems were sent as gifts from one person to another, and the recipients were delighted.  I've also enjoyed delivering poetic gifts with a jingle of sleigh bells!  So, happy holidays to everyone, and thanks for taking part.

First TalysMana Artifact...

... the viewer, is going straight onto my wishlist.  It's out of my personal price range, but would make a dandy addition to my faery window.  *chuckle*  Maybe the faeries will go pester the Fendles and quit snitching things from our houseguests.

EDIT 12/15/09: Argh! Now this is limited edition version. Might or might not have an open edition later.