December 9th, 2009


More Green Jobs

For best results, aim to accomplish multiple goals simultaneously.  In this case, the President seeks to create green jobs, which will lower unemployment, boost the economy, move America toward energy independence so we don't have to rely on oil from people who hate us, and protect the environment of the only planet we have to live on.  This is a terrific idea.

Mary Susan Littlepage | Obama Offers Job Proposals, Discusses Improving Economy
Mary Susan Littlepage, Truthout: "President Barack Obama has proposed increasing spending on highway, transportation and other infrastructure projects, as well as increasing tax breaks for small businesses and offering tax incentives to people who make their homes more energy-efficient. In his speech Tuesday morning at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC., Obama also said that small business, infrastructure and clean energy are areas in which Americans can be put to work while putting the nation on a sturdier economic footing."


Safe Milk for Schools!

I'm delighted by this victory which allows schools to source milk that is organic or rBGH-Free.  Please pass the word to anyone you know with school-age children, and encourage schools to serve wholesome milk to students.  Young people are especially vulnerable to contaminants in foods and beverages; hormones and hormone-like substances in the diet have been linked to sex/gender development disorders.  Organic and rBGH-Free milk helps avoid such problems.

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