December 2nd, 2009


Poem: "All the Sleeping Heroes"

This poem came from the December 1, 2009 poetry fishbowl. It was inspired and sponsored by nhpeacenik. Some of the featured heroes appear on this list.

All the Sleeping Heroes

They came from their caves all together,
a great army of heroes
roused from their legendary slumber:

Frederick Barbarossa, outraged that
ravens no longer flew around his mountain;

Finn and the Fian warriors,
their wooden whistle blown by the wind,
Scotland’s sky gone mad with storm;

The Knights of Ållaberg, riding their
twelve fine horses, golden armor
wet with sweat in the warm winter;

Holger Danske, shaking the crumbs
of his marble table from his beard,
demanding to know if his dreams
of rising water in Denmark are dire truth;

King Arthur and his Court,
the Knights of the Round Table,
rising up to rescue England
from the fevered weather;

And Beauty, too, no longer Sleeping,
crowned with thorns and raging
about her slain roses.

Into the heart of Copenhagen they rode,
their silver-shod steeds
kicking sparks from the air,
a whole army of heroes.

The world leaders who had convened
all looked at each other
and hurriedly excused themselves.
The scientists looked at the legends,
looked away, and pretended devoutly
that they had seen nothing.

Then Merlin stepped forward and said,
“Well, lads, show us the problem!"

It was the youngest intern
who straightened his glasses,
slammed his report on the long table,
and laid out the threat of climate change.

Beauty slipped alertly into the chair beside him,
saying, “I’ll take the forests.”

Frederick Barbarossa said,
“And I’ll mind the mountains.”

Holger Dansk tossed his beard over his shoulder
and declared, “I’ll keep an eye on the oceans.”

So the heroes divided the Earth
amongst themselves
and made plans to protect it
and did all the hard things
that no one else would do.

When they were done,
the agreements were posted
far and wide,
and the people cheered.

The former leaders were discovered,
when someone finally bothered to look,
in their assorted palaces and mansions
sound asleep and unwakeable.

The people planted rosebushes
all around the borders,
then walked away without looking back.

Poem: "haikoan"

This came out of the December 1, 2009 poetry fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from jenny_evergreen and sponsored by janetmiles. I am a fan of Zen koans, Zen poetry, and haiku in general. This tidbit is crazy-monk stuff but I had so much fun with it!


sly words fool the eye:
though it has cherry blossoms,
this is no poem

Poem: "The World We Made"

This poem came out of the December 1, 2009 poetry fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from arielstarshadow and sponsored by janetmiles. It's a ballad about virtual communities.

The World We Made

Weave a web of shadows and light;
Build a bridge of zeros and ones.
Spin a thread of gravity’s grace;
Dance in the night with stars and suns.

Speak the words and a room appears;
Call their names and books fill the shelves.
Sing of legends and here they come –
This is the world we made ourselves.

Holding hands, together we span
Alone in body, not in soul;
Virtual families, warm and bright
Fill in the cracks and make us whole.

Finding new ways, we spread our wings
Always together, not alone.
Homes we raise up, with walls of love,
Here in the world we’ve made our own.

Global Warming Is Real

My partner Doug sent me this link for an article on global warming. The lead is long, but there's some valid stuff farther down.

The climate is warming. It is almost certain this is caused by emissions of greenhouse gases caused by human activity. Nobody has come up with an alternative explanation that stands up. If the present warming trend continues, nasty things will probably start happening to humans within the next century, possibly the next decade. Something must be done. If nothing is done, then the benign climatic conditions that have sustained human civilisation for 10,000 years are in danger of collapse to be replaced by… well, write your own disaster movie.

Poem: "Stepchild Wit"

This poem came from the December 1, 2009 poetry fishbowl. It was inspired by an anonymous prompt and sponsored by janetmiles.

Stepchild Wit

The perfect rejoinder
arrives a minute too late
to be flung like a dagger
at some departing back.

It lives on the staircase,
a creature of nooks and treads,
crannies and shadows,
never braving the spotlight of speech.

To the French, it is
l’esprit d’escalier.
In German, it is

In any tongue,
it’s the stepchild wit
that we only imagine would save us
if we spoke it aloud.

Plans and Goals

Sometimes it helps to talk out the things you want to do and the projects you want to work on, and get cheers for stuff you've finished.

  • What are some of your upcoming plans and goals?

  • Are any of them things you'll need help with, and if so, what kind of help?

  • What are some plans/goals that you have recently completed?