November 28th, 2009


What I Did on Buy Nothing Day

I stayed home and worked on holiday projects. This incuded ...

* Putting the first coat of wood sealant onto a large fly-through bird feeder. I actually got this last year with some Midwinter money, but by then the weather was too bad to work on it outside. This summer I sanded it, but never got around to sealing it. So I'm doing that now. I'm going to hang this in a tree on the south side of our house. That will help give the birds a bit of a fly-around for when the cats are staking out the hopper feeder on the east side, which is just outside the kitchen window.

* Dumping the old potpourri out of a glass globe, removing the dead string of miniature holiday lights, and replacing both with fresh supplies. So now it lights again, and smells spicy.

* Wrapping the first batch of presents. I still need to find a place to store them, though. I usually make a pile of presents somewhere, once they're wrapped.

What to Do with Leftover Turkey

Today I thought I'd share some resources for leftover turkey.

AllRecipes Leftover Turkey Page
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U of I Turkey Leftovers

How to Use Turkey Leftovers steps with video
Turn Turkey Leftovers into Jambalaya video

Freezing Turkey Leftovers
How long are turkey leftovers good?
Turkey FAQ

And of course, save the turkey carcass after you have picked off as much meat as possible. Use it to make stock. *wist* Which I'm not getting this year, because we ate Thanksgiving at someone else's house, and I put that set of instructions in their cookbook, so they already had plans for the skeleton. I'm pleased it made such an impression, though.

A Dis-Recommendation for Web Fiction Guide

I had reviewed a piece of weblit for Web Fiction Guide, whereat Chris P. pulled down the review because it mentioned cyberfunded creativity, which he considered an 'ad.' So if he is going to be hostile towards cyberfunded creativity, I'm not inclined to post there anymore, and I withdraw my previous recommendation for the site.

I am frustrated and disappointed by the general resistance to crowdfunded projects, as if there's something wrong with creative folks wanting to get paid for their hard work. It's clear that what we really need is a site to promote cyberfunded creativity in particular, with our own listing of projects and creators and donors, supporting resources, awards, and whatever else folks think would be useful. I really wish I had the programming skill to build something like that, but alas, I don't.