November 17th, 2009


Letter to Conservatives

I was intrigued by this "Letter to Conservatives" post. It points out the value of constructive criticism -- of which there is not much, amidst all the idle name-calling and thumb-sitting.

People seemed determined to obliterate awareness that the giant mess we are in now developed during a long Republican reign. Well, it's the mess we have to clean up now. Anyone who doesn't like the President's ideas for fixing it is invited to propose and alternate plan. Preferably I would like to see everybody's plans, including the President's, for fixing problems tested out on a small scale to make sure they actually work. Then they can be implemented on a wider scale. We've seen way too much smoke-and-mirrors act.

Blockading the government is not helping. Griping from the sidelines is not helping. Trying to make someone else fail because you don't like him -- and you're willing to hurt the country and everyone in it, as long as you can drag your hated nemesis through the mud -- is definitely not helping. You want to impress people, try doing something that actually works. It's pretty rare these days; it'll get attention.

Closing the Crowdfunded Story

Last week I posted the first installment of the science fiction story "Today I Speak" for crowdfunding. I got a couple of nice comments, but not a single donation. So, I have taken down the story, although I've left the description up so that I can see how I set up that project. Since this was a perfect failure, I've decided to try submitting this story on the conventional market instead, and see if I can find an editor to buy it that way.

I may eventually try a different version of cyberfunded fiction, but given the very low response, it will probably not be soon. Feedback as to why this project failed is welcome; it may be useful for future reference.