October 29th, 2009


Fallen Treasure

Today I was outside and saw the leaves falling, yellow leaves caught on the trunk of a dark tree, so pretty in the afternoon light. I didn't have time to take a picture, but it was an eye-catching scene.

Call for Good News

I often blog a lot about intense and controversial topics, because part of my responsibility includes spreading information. Too much of that can lead to burnout, though, both for readers and for bloggers.

So, I'm making an effort to increase the amount of positive, noncontroversial news. What "good news" have you heard recently? In what ways is the world becoming a better place? What cool discoveries or inventions have people made? Please share links or stories in the comments below. Remember, "Energy flows where attention goes." Let's send it somewhere good!

Whose Religion?

This article deals with the topic of cultural misappropriation. While I don't believe in the venereal transmission of religion, I do believe people are responsible for understanding the religion(s) they choose to practice. In most religions, as in much of life, if you don't know what you're doing then you're likely to get hurt.

Bahe Rock | Ceremony Is More Than a Self-Help Session
Bahe Rock, Truthout: "When I first read about the deaths in a hotel parking lot sweat lodge in Arizona a couple of weeks ago I was saddened, but not surprised. I was dismayed over the abuse of Native American sacred ceremony in such a dreadful and destructive way. As a Dine raised to respect and participate in our spiritual teachings and ceremonies, and as a person who has observed an increase in the co-optation of our religion, I am compelled to speak out."