October 28th, 2009


Future Cities 2009

I was intrigued by this gathering which is intended to develop cities along more sustainable lines:

Future Cities
Future Cities 2009 will help you to strengthen and practice democracy at the local level to move our society toward a greener, more peaceful future. If you want to learn more about making the shift from carbon and nuclear energy sources to renewables and conservation, from war spending to a peace economy, from sprawl to greener transportation and development practices, from nuclear proliferation to global elimination of nuclear weapons . . . then Future Cities 2009 is for you!

Featured Community:

Most folks on LiveJournal belong to a bunch of communities. Some of the good ones are kind of obscure. The "Featured Community" meme encourages people to share their favorite communities.

  1. Cite a community that you enjoy. 
  2. Summarize its purpose and parameters. 
  3. Invite your audience to join the community and/or reply with their favorite communities.

Today's featured community is: spec_poetry

This is the LiveJournal venue for the Science Fiction Poetry Association. As the profile explains, "This is a community for writers, editors, and readers of all kinds of speculative and scientific poetry. It's intended as a place to discuss the craft of writing and revising poetry, poetry markets and marketing, and other topics of interest to the members. Everyone who's interested in speculative poetry is welcome to join."

If you enjoy science fiction, fantasy, horror, or slipstream poetry then definitely drop by this community. It is not very high traffic, but the conversations are great when people do get involved. More members would be fun.