September 30th, 2009


Celebrate Banned Books Week

I spotted this reminder today:

Connie Schultz |
Connie Schultz, Truthout: "We call them school librarians, but in these contentious times, I'm inclined to call them heroes. Now is as good a time as any to mention that this is Banned Books Week, which is sponsored annually by the American Library Association to celebrate the freedom to read."

This Week on Gaiatribe...


Featured Community:

Most folks on LiveJournal belong to a bunch of communities. Some of the good ones are kind of obscure. The "Featured Community" meme encourages people to share their favorite communities.

  1. Cite a community that you enjoy. 
  2. Summarize its purpose and parameters. 
  3. Invite your audience to join the community and/or reply with their favorite communities.

Today's featured community is: sfwriters

This community is mainly for people who enjoy writing science fiction of any flavor. However, SF readers may also want to take a peek, if you enjoy seeing how things are made. Here you'll find discussions of writing techniques, questions and answers, talk about common genre motifs, and prompts for writing challenges.