September 25th, 2009


The Toad Parade

Here it has been raining for most of the week. Tonight is rather warm, with the grass and fallen leaves thoroughly wet. I went out for a walk at twilight. To my delight, the ground was alive with hopping toads. These are plain common toads, but I love to see them, because they are mighty hunters of bugs. Also they indicate a healthy ecosystem because amphibians are sensitive to pollution. More toads, better conditions. Toads are Nature's way of telling a permaculture gardener, "Well done."

I haven't seen very many toads this year, but maybe they have just been hiding. Tonight I saw four for certain -- two of whom I had to carry away from the road so they would not get squashed by traffic -- and from the sounds and moving shadows in the distant grass, many more toads were afoot beyond. So I guess they are tolerably happy with our yard.

I think that toads are old, wise souls. They are very stoic and patient. They look slow and clumsy but they are capable of moving quite fast at need. Their eyes are beautiful, great bronze orbs flecked with gold and divided by horizontal almondine pupils of flawless onyx.

Grass After Rain

The prairie restoration site 80 Acres Online has a new post showing grass recovering from a dry spell. This site chronicles wildlife management and wilderness areas on a small scale. I like to drop by here periodically. What I'm doing is really microscale, with a yard just over 2 acres here, but my butterfly meadow is still nifty and we have lots of trees too.