September 24th, 2009


How Other People's Health Affects YOU

Here is an example of how other people's health affects YOU. If someone has the flu, but has no sick leave at work, chances are they will come to work sick. That means sick people are breathing germs into the public air ... breathing germs onto you, and your friends and family. YOU could get sick if someone else can't afford to stay home when they are sick. This is a major way communicable diseases get spread farther than necessary. A flu germ doesn't care if you have health insurance or not, money or not, whatever ... to that germ you are just a big juicy wad of growth medium.

WORK & FAMILY | Fight H1N1 Flu Season with Paid Sick Days
We are being bombarded by H1N1 information on the Internet and in the news. Google has a tracking tool and there's even an "iPhone app." Technology is great, but prevention is key to stopping the spread of this pandemic. A key question is how many of us can afford to stay home when we're sick?

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I want everyone to have plenty of sick leave so they can stay home when they're sick and not breathe germs on me or people I know. I want them to be able to take care of sick family members because that lowers the chance of those people winding up in an expensive hospital. Those are practical concerns. I also want people to enjoy these benefits because it makes life a little less miserable and society a little stronger; it's common sense and human decency.