September 13th, 2009


Letter to Obama from a Dying Friend

Paul Loeb sent an announcement of this through his newsletter. It's a deep social and political message. But it has a wonderful spiritual aspect. It's always nice to see someone approaching Death without fear. I wish him good journey.

... and it's a reminder that we are, all of us, as divine as we choose to be. For the spark of life is godseed, and it is up to us whether or not we let it grow.

Hating American Youths

This article details some problems that have worried me for some time. I detest the way that America treats its young people. And I don't blame the young -- especially the most disadvantaged ones -- for lashing out at a society that treats them so terribly. If a society does not treat its young people well and set them off to a strong start, then it dooms itself. So if we really want America to "be #1" and not just indulge in further self-delusion on that count, we must invest in the only "futures" that really count: our children. All of them.

Review of Henry Giroux's: Youth in a Suspect Society
Tolu Olorunda, The Black Commentator: "It need not be said, though I find it necessary to restate, that Henry Giroux is one of the most important public servants the last 100 years have produced. In his expansive three decade plus academic career, Henry has written over 35 books, contributed to countless scholarly journals, and received numerous educational honors. But perhaps what most makes this former high school basketball star distinct is his tireless advocacy on behalf of the frail, the vulnerable, the disposable."
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