September 2nd, 2009


Free Native American Fonts

The Indigenous Language Institute has partnered with Languagegeek to produce free fonts and free keyboard layouts which try to cover all of the characters (alphabetical letters/Syllabics) necessary for writing Native American languages. Go here and check it out, then backtrack to the Indigenous Language Institute's website for more cool language stuff!

These materials will help maintain language integrity and transmission among tribal nations. They make it easier to record stories, songs, and other ideas -- and to create new ones. This is important stuff in a world that is favoring English more and more. Help keep other languages alive by learning and using them, and by pointing other folks to these fonts.

Link courtesy of minor_architect.

Plans and Goals

Sometimes it helps to talk out the things you want to do and the projects you want to work on, and get cheers for stuff you've finished.

What are some of your upcoming plans and goals?
Are any of them things you'll need help with, and if so, what kind of help?
What are some plans/goals that you have recently completed?

FTC Bans Most Robo-Calls

I am startled and delighted by this news, which in a rare feat of good manners places the rights of individuals over companies pestering people with unwanted ads.

FTC Bans Most Robo-Calls
Pesky pre-recorded "robo-calls" were banned by the Federal Trade Commission on Thursday. Those unwanted prerecorded commercial calls soliciting services like car warranties will be a thing of the past unless telemarketers have written permission from consumers that they want to receive these calls. Beginning Sept. 1, violators will face penalties up to $16,000 per call. (L.A. Times)

However, I recommend that people watch closely for fine print on contracts that would allow companies to target you for robo-calls. They'll try that.

Find Out What Your Government Is Up To

OpenCongress has a page listing bills with links to their text. Top of the "hot bills" list is one of the health care bills currently under debate. (Remember, there is no "Obamacare" or "THE health care plan" yet. Just a bunch of proposals getting kicked around like the severed heads of guillotine victims.) If you have the time and determination, go read some of these. I must confess, I usually don't have that kind of time.