August 27th, 2009


Another Perspective on Health Care

This blog has a series of articles about politics and health care. What's interesting is that the author doesn't support most of the government health proposals garnering attention, but is interested in a couple of others; has Alzheimer's disease in the family; and is taking a rather level-headed approach to the topic, illustrated by some personal experience, rather than just ranting. Also the favored party seems to be the Constitution Party rather than either of the main two. So this is a bit different perspective than most of what's volleying back and forth these days.

And the Rich Get Poorer?

This article caught my eye because it examines some of the ways in which the rich have been hit extra-hard by this recession. While I am primarily concerned with making sure that people have enough to live on reasonably, and I'm concerned about the huge gap between rich and poor, I don't want the rich to collapse and die. This article touches on why: they are a big part of the economy, and if they collapse, that will have negative effects on everyone.