August 17th, 2009


Fantasy Novels on the Web

I was delighted to find that two authors whose novels I have really enjoyed are now posting new fiction online.

Karen Wehrstein is on LiveJournal as karen_wehrstein. She is currently revising and posting her two novels Lion's Heart and Lion's Soul online, recombined into a single book, The Philosopher in Arms. She is also writing a new book, set after the first two, ars kraiya ("Beyond the Sword"). Visit her website, Chevenga Lives, to enjoy these manuscripts. She has written some of the best characterization scenes I have ever read, the kind of thing you photocopy and tack to your office wall labeled, "Like This."

Shirley Meier is on LJ as zyngasvryka. She is writing a new book, Eclipse Court, over on Blogspot. It's set in the same world and timeframe, but from the perspective of a different character.

Both of these projects are cyberfunded creativity. If you want to see more goodies like this, please go throw money at the nice writers. If you are too broke to donate, then you can help by promoting the projects on your blog, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc. instead.

Thoughts on the Banking Crisis

Some time ago, I predicted that giving no-strings-attached money to the banks via assorted stimulus and bailout plans ... would not result in banks loaning money to people, as intended. A piece early in this article shows how the banks are holding onto that money or using it on the stock market. But then there are discussions of several other serious problems in banking today.