July 25th, 2009


Health Care Costs

Obama explains the cost of NOT fixing the health care system:

President Obama: Health Care Reform News Conference
President Obama: "This is not just about the 47 million Americans who have no health insurance. Reform is about every American who has ever feared that they may lose their coverage if they become too sick, or lose their job, or change their job. It's about every small business that has been forced to lay off employees or cut back on their coverage because it became too expensive. And it's about the fact that the biggest driving force behind our federal deficit is the skyrocketing cost of Medicare and Medicaid. So let me be clear: if we do not control these costs, we will not be able to control our deficit."

Poetry in Welsh

Today I posted my entries to the other half of the 2009 Americymru Eisteddfod Poetry Competition. These four are written in the Welsh language:
Unfortunately the forum doesn't display "Glas" properly; the original document is attached to the discussion (look at the bottom of the message) so that people can see the "river" shape.