July 24th, 2009


The Cost of Doing Nothing

If you think dealing with climate change is expensive, NOT dealing with it will be a lot more so.

IPCC Chief: Benefits of Tackling Climate Change Will Balance Cost of Action
Damian Carrington, The Guardian UK: "Measures needed to tackle global warming could save economies more money than they cost, the world's top climate change expert said today. Rajendra Pachauri, the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), told The Guardian: 'The cost could undoubtedly be negative overall.' This is because of the additional benefits that reducing greenhouse gas emissions could bring, beyond limiting temperature rises."

Welsh Poetry and Culture

Americymru is a Ning social networking site for people interested in Welsh language and culture.

Tonight I entered four poems in a contest they're running. (Witch me luck, eh? It has a nice cash prize, and I worked my little linguistic buns off.) But the part that will probably amuse you is that I took this opportunity to write one each of the 24 classic Welsh poetic forms. That batch, plus a handful of previously written poems with a Welsh or Celtic flair, is what I handed to my #1 Fan and First-Reader, Doug, to whittle down to four.

I don't know if Ning will show these pages to nonmembers, but I think so -- it only asks for my password if I try to post something. The poems are:
"The Queen of Anwnn"
"Storm Soldiers"
"The Mettle of Wales"
"The Castle and the Poet"