July 22nd, 2009


Friday Night Cartoons 7-17-09

I was amused by the latest batch of Friday Night Cartoons.

However, the one of Judge Sotomayor saying "I'm over here" is truly iconic. That's what usually happens to Latinas: they get made invisible and drowned out by a bunch of white people. It reminds me of the "Where Are All the Latinas?" presentation I saw in college. But it's also a good reminder that there are few things more pathetic than someone jumping up and down in front of a news camera trying to attract attention.

Tomorrow's Wars

An excellent piece of military advice is: "Never fight a two-front war." That is, engage only one opponent at a time so you can concentrate your resources on winning. But now we have this ...

David Bromwich | America's Wars: How Serial War Became the American Way of Life
The weird prospect that this usage - "tomorrow's wars" - renders routine is that we anticipate a good many wars in the near future. We are the ascendant democracy, the exceptional nation in the world of nations. To fight wars is our destiny and our duty. Thus the word "wars" - increasingly in the plural - is becoming the common way we identify not just the wars we are fighting now but all the wars we expect to fight.

Does this sound familiar? Something like, "We are at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia. We will always be at war with Eastasia."

When a country considers war to be the normal state of affairs, that is a serious problem. 1) It causes a massive drain of resources and lives. 2) It causes moral erosion as people watch atrocities and do nothing. 3) It creates new enemies as foreigners perceive the country as a threat to their survival and freedom: and justifiably so.

We "can't afford" to provide basic health care for all our citizens, but we can afford to pour money down the rathole of war forever? Nonsense. Evil. I want this country to be a decent place to live, where a reasonable amount of responsibility and hard work will consistently lead to a good life. Right now that is not true.