July 10th, 2009


Nuclear Reduction in Progress

I'm pleased to see diplomacy paying off. The following article describes an agreement between America and Russia to reduce numbers of nuclear weapons. (I hope they take care when decommissioning those, to make sure nothing falls into the hands of terrorists. Both American and Russian equipment has gone astray before.)

Obama and Medvedev offer to cut nuclear arsenals

The US and Russia have agreed to work towards cutting deployed nuclear warheads to as few as 1,500 each under an agreement signed by Barack Obama on his first trip to Russia as president.

Obama and the Russian prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, signed a framework deal aimed at cutting warheads to a maximum of 1,675 within seven years of a nuclear arms reduction treaty coming into force.


Body Building for Female Bodies

Courtesy of haikujaguar is this post about female anatomy and how to do various types of body building exercises safely and effectively. Most equipment and exercises were designed for men and so some modifications for different anatomy are helpful. Pay especial attention to the pullups: being able to lift your own body weight could save your life, or someone else's.

(For an exercise style designed for women, I recommend belly dancing. The Fitness Channel's "Shimmy" series is excellent.)