July 6th, 2009


Hives Save Lives

This article is an example of combating poverty by introducing a small business, this one based on beekeeping:

Hives Save Lives
While searching for a viable grassroots approach to directly combat poverty in Africa, Richard Urwin, an international businessman, looked to honey 
bees for an answer. 

Although apiculture, or beekeeping as it is better known, has a long tradition in Africa, it is not normally practiced as a commercial activity. ‘Honey hunting’ is a more conventional way of harvesting, but the natural 
colonies and log hives are often damaged in the process.

Doe, a Deer

This afternoon we went outside and startled a deer in our yard. She was browsing in the vicinity of the pie cherry grove on the eastern edge of the yard. When we opened the door, she bawled at us and bounded away, her white tail flashing in the bright sun as she ran across the field. I know this was a doe, by the way, from her bare head. The bucks here are in velvet this time of year. I saw one a few weeks ago and his antlers were sprouting.

There are deer in the area, but they are rarely active in daytime. Other people have reported seeing them in our yard occasionally, and we've seen their tracks in mud or snow. I think this is the first time that Doug and I have seen a deer ourselves.

I am usually pleased when wildlife gives my yard its seal of approval.

Poetry Fishbowl Tomorrow

This is a reminder that the July Poetry Fishbowl will happen here tomorrow, weather and net connection willing. This month's topic is cyberpunk. If you don't know anything about cyberpunk or it's not your favorite style, you can still play by doing something like:
  • looking up a web entry for cyberpunk and grabbing tropes out of there.

  • suggesting some other futuristic SF motif for me to weave in as best I can.

  • offering bizarre animal or machine components for a cyborg.

Cyberpunk isn't my favorite genre either, but I've read a few good examples. I want to diversify my F&SF months across different subgenres, and I want to stretch myself and try writing things I don't necessarily write often.

Most Popular Topics

According to the "Manage Tags" feature, the topics most often appearing in this journal are:

Writing -- 569 posts
Networking -- 504
Poetry -- 359
News -- 362
Reading -- 354
Politics -- 353
Science Fiction -- 333
Cyberfunded Creativity -- 295
Economics -- 258
Fishbowl -- 216

Poetry has climbed ahead of Politics. News has jumped over Science Fiction and Reading. Reading has climbed ahead of Science Fiction. Politics has dropped from third to sixth place. Science Fiction has dropped from fifth to seventh place. Fishbowl has knocked Fantasy off the top-10 list. (Actually, there are 229 Fishbowl posts, 216 of which are public. Fantasy has more public posts: 222.)