June 18th, 2009


Whose Protection?

Perhaps someone should remind the EPA that they're supposed to protect us, and the environment, not the frigging corporations whose greed and carelessness is wreaking havoc upon the Earth.

EPA Refuses to Reveal Dangerous Coal Ash Waste Sites
Sue Sturgis, Facing South: "Around the United States today, there are 44 coal ash waste disposal sites so hazardous that - were they to fail like the one at the Tennessee Valley Authority's Kingston plant did last December - they could kill untold numbers of nearby residents."

We were extremely lucky that the Tennessee disaster happened in a sparsely populated area. It's devastating, but it would be a lot worse if it happened near more people ... or right upstream of an endangered species. Corporations should be obliged to prevent a recurrence. Or perhaps fined the entire cost of cleanup, the price of all the land despoiled, and the moving costs and replacement houses for everyone displaced.