June 13th, 2009


Meghan McCain on Sex and Politics

I am tremendously impressed with this article. Here is a smart young woman who is articulate about her beliefs without slamming anyone else's beliefs. I would like to see more political discussion like this.

The GOP Doesn't Understand Sex by Meghan McCain
The first time I ever heard about oral sex was during the Lewinsky scandal. Mostly, I remember being confused by President Clinton’s response—“It depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.” When it comes to sex, politicians face all sorts of double standards: who is allowed to have sex with whom, what constitutes sex, and whether it’s appropriate, to name a few. Candie’s Foundation’s announcement that they were partnering with Bristol Palin to promote an abstinence-only campaign has caused me to reflect on my own experiences as a political daughter, and the role sex plays in defining the Republican Party.