June 11th, 2009


Cyberfunded Creativity and Gender

dulcinbradbury has posted a fascinating poll over on crowdfunding about cyberfunded creativity and gender. It explores the gender identity (male, female, or queer/unidentifying) of writers/artists and donors involved in cyberfunded creativity. If you are interested in the gender dynamics of direct creator-to-audience marketing online, please drop by and cast your votes.

Budget Deficit Pie Chart

Here is a pie chart depicting various forces and actions that have contributed to the budget deficit. I am not surprised by the proportions.

Also, it occurs to me that demonstrating pie charts with actual pies would be a great way to teach children how this mathematical tool works. The tricky part would be choosing different types of pie that would 1) look different and 2) hold together well enough when cut into sections to be reassembled. Jello, pectin, and/or tapioca powder would help with that. Or maybe fruit leather, which comes in different colors and is often cast in little circles.

Dancing and Drumming for Yemaya

I'm currently researching materials for our Litha ritual, which has an Afro-Caribbean theme in honor of Yemaya. I thought you might like to view these examples of traditional Yemaya dancing and drumming that I found on YouTube. There will be drumming and dancing as part of our ritual.

Yemaya's dancing is mainly in the arms and shoulders, making wave-like motions, plus some head gestures. The foot steps are back and forth in a waltz-like style, or closely spaced as the dancer whirls in circles. Women usually wear a long flowing skirt (or several), so that they can hold it to make "waves" as they dance. Men seem to have a choice of robes/skirts or trousers.

This video shows the use of skirts to represent waves.

Here is a good drum rhythm in a Yemaya song.

This one has another good drum rhythm, plus using hands to represent waves and washing.

This video has poor framing, but stunning vestments and some great moves. Yemaya is in blue and white with waves on her skirts. There is a good view of her dancer from about 2:50 to 5:00 in this clip, if you want to skip ahead. If you know any of the symbolism about the orishas' colors, tools, emblems, etc. then it is worth watching more of this to see how many you recognize!

This Afro-Cuban dance class is teaching a Yemaya dance, showing the hand motions and the foot steps. It has a good drum rhythm too.

Anti-Hate Play

Theatre is a great art, though I am not much a fan of it myself -- perhaps because plays rarely match topics that interest me. This one I might entice me to watch it, if it showed in my area:

Anti-Hate Play Was to Be Unveiled Night of US Shooting
Agence France-Presse: "A gunman attacked the Holocaust museum just hours before the unveiling of a new play about hate crimes, following an imaginary conversation between Anne Frank and a black boy lynched in Mississippi. 'Our whole play is about hate, to eradicate hate, and this is an example of hatred,' said the playwright Janet Langhart Cohen, wife of former US defense secretary William Cohen, who had been heading to the museum's theater for final rehearsals ahead of Wednesday night's premiere when the attack happened."