June 8th, 2009


Sea Levels Rising

Studies predict an increase in the rate of sea levels rising. This has a particular impact on America's eastern coastline. However, I'm less than pleased about the handwaving of other threatened populations -- there are entire island nations likely to be drowned in the foreseeable future.

Studies Predict Rapid Rise in Sea Levels Along US East Coast
David A. Fahrenthold, The Washington Post: "Sea levels could rise faster along the US East Coast than in any other densely populated part of the world, new research shows, as changes in ice caps and ocean currents push water toward a shoreline inlaid with cities, resort boardwalks and gem-rare habitats."

Fieldhaven Flowers and Fruit 6-8-09

Once again, lots of rain interspersed with a few sunny days. The grass seed thrown down earlier has already sprouted lushly. Today we bought more grass seed -- I've already sown a lot of the shady mix under the pear and crabapple trees -- and some wildflower seeds.

Near end of bloom: wild strawberries, chives, sage, rugosa roses (dark pink and white),

Full bloom: red clover, comfrey, petunias, marigolds, blue lobelia, pansies, torenia, moss rose, snapdragons, zinnias, blackberries, white clover, million bells, feverfew

Beginning bloom: privet, tomatoes, orange thyme, dill, motherwort, tickseed coreopsis

Green fruit: wild strawberries, saskatoon serviceberry, Criterion apple, mulberry, black raspberry, gold currant, rugosa roses, Black Prince tomato, Yellow Pear tomato, blackberries

There are now two tomatoes on the Black Prince plant, and one on the Yellow Pear. I have not seen any of the other plants set fruit yet but most of them are blooming, except the ones on the porch. The Criterion apples are notably larger now.

Fruit starting to ripen: black raspberries

Ripe fruit: pie cherries, wild strawberries, mulberries

The birds are eating some of the pie cherries, and there aren't as many this year, but I'm getting some. I also picked the first of the mulberries today -- the trees don't all ripen at once, and the season lasts for weeks.


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