May 6th, 2009


Climate Chaos

Here's another study about the sad state of the climate:

Climate Chaos Predicted by CO2 Study
Steve Connor, The Independent UK: "The world will overshoot its long-term target on greenhouse gas emissions within two decades. A study has found that the average global temperature will rise above the threshold that could cause dangerous climate change during that time."

Poem: "I Know What the Caged Bird Sings"

This poem comes from yesterday's Poetry Fishbowl; it was inspired by prompts from wyld_dandelyon and mtrose2, and sponsored by mtrose2.

I Know What the Caged Bird Sings

The caged bird sings to the key
with a golden voice,
making it want the lock,
making it wish that it too had wings,
making it regret
that it is made of gold and too heavy to fly.

The lampposts and electric poles of the city
are the bars of a secret cage.
It is always the same city,
its alleys clogged by trash, its speckled wind
plastering newspapers against the walls.
It is always the same singer,
whose hidden feathers are scarlet and blue,
whose song pleads for freedom.

The caged bird sings to the keeper’s heart
with a leaden voice,
making it want something nameless,
making it ache for lack of both thing and name,
making it regret
that it is made of lead and unable to speak.

The sky fills the empty spaces of the cage.
The roads that are the floor of the city
are connected to all the other roads of the world,
like a great mesh of bars mashed flat.
The cage is not a home
but only a place of waiting
until the key and the keeper are broken by the song
and bound to grant release.

This Week on Gaiatribe

This week's posts on Gaiatribe: Ideas for a Thinking Planet include:

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Pay particular attention to the "Notable Comments from April 2009" post. That's the first in a series. I'm going to try pulling the most interesting comments from each month into a separate post so that more people can see them. I hope this will encourage more comments. I got the idea from Small Footprints.

My Two-Year Blogging Anniversary

Two years ago, I started blogging. I had been reading and commenting for some time before that, and resisted the temptation to get involved directly because I knew what time sink it could be. So I wanted to make sure I had a way to connect it tightly to my career, and what I did was open a blog shortly before my first book came out. I would like to thank janetmiles for sponsoring my paid membership in LJ, plus haikujaguar, ozarque, and janetmiles for inspiration and advice on blogging effectively.

I started The Wordsmith's Forge in early May and spent a while figuring out how to make it work. The first significant posts came out near the end of May:
"Welcome to My Journal"
Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire, May 27-28, 2007

I also mentioned the Penultimate Productions Newsletter, a monthly email about my writing/editing activities and other personal news. If anyone is interested in being added to that, please send me your email address in a private message.

As of today, The Wordsmith's Forge has:

2,385 journal entries
103 tags
26 memories
40+ photos
38 userpics

90 interests (3 unique)
303 mutual friends
40 "also a friend of..."
96 communities

The Profile page contains a detailed bio along with my parameters for "Friends" and "Civility." There is also a permanent PayPal donation button on my Profile page. If you find this blog generally useful, or if a post I make happens to save your bacon, or I answer a question of yours, etc. and you want to express your thanks in practical form then drop a little something in the tip jar.

So that's a look at where this blog started and how far it has come in two years.

What do you think about The Wordsmith's Forge? What is your favorite memory about it?

Red-headed Woodpecker

Today I saw a red-headed woodpecker in my yard. We used to have several, but it's been at least a year or two since I saw any in the yard, although they're still common in the area. I'm pleased to have one back.

Other birds recently seen:
4 indigo buntings
2 thrushes
pair of cardinals
mourning dove

Currently blooming:
white spirea
nannyberry viburnum
white columbine
blue lobelia