May 2nd, 2009


Birds by Color

Someone was talking about birds that are blue, and I wondered if there are online resources for identifying birds by color, the way some guidebooks are organized. I found these:

Identification of Eastern US Song Birds by Color has birds listed under color categories.
What Bird is a searchable database with many features, including options for primary and secondary colors.
Cabeza Prieta Natural History Association has a searchable database that breaks down different parts or features of the bird (throat, beak, etc.) which can be described by color.
Wild Birds has a list of birds that are mostly one color.
Birds Amore has a printer-friendly checklist for backyard bird identification that lets you quickly mark distinctive features.

America's Court?

Following the announced retirement of a Supreme Court Judge, speculation about possible replacements includes many female and/or minority judges. Such a choice would make the court a little more reflective of America's population. It sounds like President Obama has many fine candidates to consider, and confirmation of his choice is likely. I am hopeful.

Replacement Speculation Begins
As President Obama begins the search for a replacement for Justice David H. Souter, the following people are being mentioned as possible nominees by administration officials, interest groups and others who watch the court. The list is heavy with women and minorities, because the last three justices confirmed to the court were white men.