April 22nd, 2009


Environmental Prize for Fighting Coal Mining

Sometimes we make progress against people who are trying to destroy parts of the planet:

Woman Wins Environmental Prize for Fighting Mining Problems
Jim Carlton, The Wall Street Journal: "A West Virginia woman who says her life has been threatened for her work fighting coal-mining problems in Appalachia is among this year's winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize, the green world's equivalent of the Oscars."

Handshake Diplomacy

I was pleased to find this article about Obama's presidential style, describing how he deals politely with other national leaders including those whose interests typically diverge from America's interests.

Handshake Diplomacy
It's been so long since we've had a president disposed to diplomacy that many observers don't know what to think when they see one.

Take President Barack Obama's recent trip to the Summit of the Americas. At his April 19 press conferenceat Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, he delivered—spontaneously, in response to a question—an eloquent summary of what an "Obama doctrine" might be, a succinct appraisal of the nature of power and foreign policy in the post-Cold War world.

And yet the media for the most part ignored this display of strategic acumen and focused on a moment, two days earlier, at the summit's opening ceremony, when Obama, approached by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, smiled and shook his hand.

I like having a President who can be civil with opponents, or preferably, turn them into neutral or allied parties. Diplomacy is less costly than war in many ways.

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Gender Studies in Fantasy Discussion Wrapup

The discussion of gender identity in fantasy (with real-world offshoots) seems to be winding down, having lasted about 16 days. I want to try collecting all the relevant pieces in one post, for future reference. I aim to track what happens in the Poetry Fishbowls; this is momentous enough to need a post of its own. Other folks may also enjoy this example of cyberfunded creativity, gender studies, speculative fiction, and literary discussion.

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