April 16th, 2009


Sea Level Rising

This article points to evidence that sea levels could rise much faster than previously expected:

Nature sea level rise shocker: Coral fossils suggest “catastrophic increase of more than 5 centimetres per year over a 50-year stretch is possible.” Lead author warns, “This could happen again.”

I keep telling people not to underestimate the planet. Just because she usually moves slowly doesn't mean she can't move with blinding speed sometimes.

Blog Reader Appreciation Day Merry-Go-Round

Today is Blog Reader Appreciation Day; visit the event page on Bloggers Unite and you can see lots of posts about it. I've also written one over on Gaiatribe.

Previously I asked how you folks wanted to celebrate this holiday. The most popular proposal was this one from minor_architect:

I like the idea of expressing mutual appreciation, which was brought up by the previous commentor. Is there any way we could swap treats with you on that day? Creative people could trade pieces of flash fiction, haikus, photos, or even quick sketches. We could show one another neat webpages, even by request. (As in, "Hey, anybody got a cool site on Celtic folklore they could point me to?") We could even swap "get-to-know-you-better" questions, to give the curious a chance to ask you about things they never had the chance to before.

So, let the mutual appreciation begin! Questions can be up to 5 per set. Poetry, flash fiction, etc. should probably stay under a page or this post will have an insanely long tail; if you want to post something longer, contact me and we'll discuss putting it up separately. Links are love, and feel free to chat up whatever project(s) you're currently working on.

Oh, and it's not raining today and I have urgent gardening tasks, so I won't be able to spend all day in front of my computer. I'll keep up as best I can, though.

Poem: "Where Have All the Heroes Gone?/Different Gifts"

I am deeply honored by the enthusiasm of everyone who responded to haikujaguar's call for cosponsors. I'll get everyone listed in an update, but I'm still trying to match PayPal donations to LJ handles in some cases. EDIT 3-16-09: So far donations for this poem have come from: oldewolfe, haikujaguar, elusivetiger, dulcinbradbury, akaihyo, arielstarshadow, asakiyume, jasra, morenasangre, mtrose2, and janetmiles. If you are a new sponsor and don't know this yet, I always make a donor-perk-post which is custom-locked to people on my Donors list. Make sure I know your LJ name, I'll put you on my Friends list and that custom group, and then you'll be able to read the perks by clicking the "Donors" tag in the right sidebar of this blog. This month's perk is about epic poetry.

I want to get the poem up right now. The original format was two columns, but I'm not sure that'll fit here, so I'm just going to post this as first half and second half vertically for now. (janetmiles, if your offer to help with formatting is still open, I'll take you up on that.) This poem came out of the April 7, 2009 Poetry Fishbowl and was inspired by prompts from kadiera, haikujaguar, and moosl.

Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

Where have all the heroes gone?
I want a man who’ll fight till dawn,
Full of honor in the chase,
Not one who’ll bid me bear a mace.

I don’t want some knave’s largesse;
I am not held here by duress.
Where’s the hero, bold and hale,
Who’ll always save me, without fail?

I’m not here to rescue him
From all the monsters great and grim.
I’m the princess; he’s the knight –
That way it doesn’t seem quite right.

Something’s wrong; I don’t know why.
Must I live lonely till I die?
No one wants a gentle dame …
The world has changed, but I’m the same.

Where’s the hero I can love,
Who will accept my silken glove?
He must save me from my fate …
But ah, I fear it’s growing late.

My true love will never rest,
And he will recognize this test.
After winning his renown,
He must bear up my father’s crown.

Battle-maids may have their knaves
To weep like willows o’er their graves.
I will keep the knight who’s come
To rescue me, so venturesome.

Let the harpers have their say –
But I am Queen, and have my way –
For a story is no good
That helps not man- nor womanhood.

Different Gifts

Where have all the damsels gone?
I want a princess like a fawn,
Fair of manner as of face,
Not one who’ll fight me for my place.

I don’t want a lioness
Who will not deign to wear a dress.
Where’s the heroine in veil
Of satin, watching for my sail?

I will come to rescue her
From all the threats there ever were.
I’m the hero; she’s the maid –
And this is how our paths were laid.

Something’s wrong with girls these days,
Not satisfied with jewels and praise.
No one wants a manly man …
They want a knave, not what I am.

Where’s my princess; where’s my dove
Within her tower high above?
She must pledge to be my mate
Once I’ve saved her from dire strait.

My true love will make us blessed
When I have won her through a quest.
After wearing her white gown,
She must bear heirs and lay them down.

Knaves may have their battle-maids
All dressed in armor, bells on braids.
I will keep the maid I’ve found
And plucked from tower, spell unbound.

Let the bards sing what we ken –
Let maids be maids, and men be men –
For we all have different gifts
That should make bridges, never rifts.